Basic Maintenance

There are two main ways to reduce your chances of a breakdown while you are out and about.  the first is to have your vehicle serviced regularly and the second is to perform some basic checks on your vehicle before you drive.  Here are the top 10 simple checks you can do today!

1. Tyres

You should check your tyres regularly for wear and tear, as well as checking the pressure and condition.  Make sure the tread is legal!


2. Toolkit

Ensure that you have a jack and wheel removing tools (locking wheel nut if needed) in your car along with a spare wheel.


3. Engine Oil

Use the dipstick to check oil levels every couple of weeks and before any long journeys.  Top up as needed (take your car to a garage if it needs a lot more oil than usual).


4. Water

When your car is cold, check your coolant levels and before the cold weather sets in, top up any anti freeze if needed.


5. Windscreen Wipers

Replace windscreen wipers once per year to prevent smearing.


6. Screenwash

You must have a working screen wash system by law.  It should be topped up with a good quality screenwash.


7. Windscreen

Check your screen for damage and chips, get them repaired as soon as you can to prevent them getting worse.


8. Lights

Check your lights are all working correctly each week.  Replace any blown bulbs and cracks or dirt on the lenses.


9. Power steering

Ensure your garage fills your hydraulic fluid tank when they service your car.  You simply need to check the levels every month and top up if needed.


10. Bodywork

Give your car panels a look over to check for rust or damage.  Most garages can help you to replace any panels needed.