Driving in Adverse Weather

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Serious climate can be both terrifying and risky for car travel. Drivers should know the security rules for managing winter street crises. We remind drivers to be wary while driving in unfriendly climate.

  • Abstain from driving while you’re exhausted. Getting the best possible measure of lay before going up against winter climate assignments decreases driving dangers.
  • Never warm up a vehicle in an encased territory, for example, a carport.
  • Make certain your tires are legitimately expanded.
  • Never blend spiral tires with other tire writes.
  • Keep your gas tank at any rate half full to maintain a strategic distance from gas line solidify up.
  • On the off chance that conceivable, abstain from utilizing your stopping brake in icy, blustery and cold climate.
  • Try not to utilize journey control when driving on any tricky surface (wet, ice, sand).
  • Continuously look and steer where you need to go.
  • Utilize your safety belt each time you get into your vehicle.

Winter Driving Tips for Safer Travel

Category : Driving Safely

Winter driving presents various difficulties to you and your auto. Cool climate tests the breaking points of your auto’s mechanical capacities. Misleading conditions test your capacities as a driver. In case you’re not cautious, you could wind up sliding towards a watch rail, thinking about whether your undertakings are all together.

It pays to be readied. Here are our tips to prepare for snow and slush secured streets, and dipstick-solidifying temperatures. We trust you discover them valuable..

Nothing’s a major ordeal in the late spring. You separate? What of it? It’s a pleasant night out. Take a gander at every one of those stars! However, separate when it’s short jaw-solidifying outside, and that is an alternate story. Since awful hoses, belts, water pumps and start plug wires can abandon you stranded in the winter, it’s smarter to take care of business and fix them. It’s superior to anything spending a similar measure of cash after you’ve been sitting in your slowed down auto for three hours sitting tight for AAA. (Simply joking, Triple A! Nobody has ever needed to sit tight three hours for one of your tow trucks, have they?)

Here’s one administration thing that is regularly overlooked: tire weight. Request that your workman check it, or do it when winter arrives. Why? Since tire weight drops by around one pound for every ten degrees of temperature. Along these lines, if it’s – 10 now, and the last time you checked your tire weight was back amid that sweltering warmth wave in July, your tires will be perilously low and will risk your auto’s taking care of.

Numerous more current vehicles have tire weight screens, which caution you to risky changes in tire weight. Truth be told, starting at 2008, tire weight screens are required on every single new vehicle. Be that as it may, more established autos don’t have them and the weight should be checked physically.

Check You Have the Right MOT Documents

It has been some time since the MOT certificate changed its appearance, with a much plainer certificate now issued.  It is of course, stored online for the relevant authorities to check up on vehivles with ease.  It is vital that all cars have a valid MOT certificate, if they are over 3 years old it is a legal requirement.  The MOT test checks a variety of aspects of the car’s safety and driving, with emissions being a key part of the test.

Other areas the car is checked on, include brakes, steering, tyres and the overall maintenance of the car such as windscreen washer fluid and wipers.  Some cars can fail on little issues such as not having washer fluid in the car!

Police and other forces are able to check in real time which cars do not have a legally valid MOT using numberplate recognision software installed in their cars.  If found to be flouting the law and not having an MOT, the driver can be fined on the spot!  It is a relatively cheap test which can save you from getting in trouble at a later date.

Stop Spending so Much on Fuel!

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We’re accustomed to taking the auto wherever we go. Three pieces to the store? We simply bounce in the auto and go. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you stop and think about it for a minute, you’ll understand you there are loads of good choices.

You can walk, bicycle or creep! Furthermore, there are different advantages, other than sparing cash on gas. When you walk, you’ll get practice and live more. When you bicycle, you can stop and meet that new, single neighbor down the road. When you creep, you could get spare change!

In the event that you live in a town or city with tolerable open transportation, leave your auto home and utilize the transport or prepare. Regardless of whether you utilize open travel just here and there seven days, you’ll spare wear and tear on your auto, you won’t spend for every one of that gas, and you won’t need to evade phone dependent surge hour workers. In addition you get the chance to individuals watch – an overlooked movement.

Ways to Keep Your Car On The Road

Category : Car Maintenance

One of the main ways to keep your car running for longer is simple…don’t use your car!  There are lots of times when you probably don’t need to take your car, instead, go for a walk or bike!  The less you use your car, the better for the health of your car.  Another way to prevent premature damage to your car is through making fewer short trips.

When you shop for a new car, choose a reputable brand that is likely to be around for the long term.  This way, you can be sure to get spares and parts when needed, compared to a small company who nobody has heard of!  When you do drive anywhere, be sure to drive gently and carefully, not accelerating too much and anticipating your braking so you do not need to slam on the brakes.

New Lights Causing a Bother…

Category : Driving Safely

Following on from last month’s blog about driving with low sun, another problem for drivers is becoming apparent – the issue of very bright headlights on cars!  Manufacturers are putting incredibly bright lightd on their cars to try to look great for their customers, but in actual fact, many drivers are being temporarily dazzled by the brightness of the lights as they come into view.  It can take some drivers a few seconds to regain their sight after being dazzled, which is of course a safety concern.

It has become such a problem that the British media have reported on the growing issue of lights being so bright that they cause accidents and issues for drivers.  Something we can do to prevent our lights being so dazzling is to check that they are angled correctly.  Headlights should be dipped away from the centre of the road to allow less dazzling for opposing drivers.

What makes a great family car?

Category : Car Maintenance

A family car is a lifeline. All it does is move from A to B, but it is essential for budding or fully-fledged families. The best family cars are big. They will need lots of seats and space in the boot so that all the kids and the luggage can fit on your yearly trip to Majorca. The last thing you need is to find that your nice new saloon doesn’t have space for the parasol. As well as this, a family car must be economical but powerful. Of course, petrol is the last thing you want to spend money on during a holiday, so a small engine or even an electric motor is ideal. However, a balance between enough power to leave the junction in time and enough money to grab an ice cream must be found. In conclusion, a family car must be big and cheap but still have enough power to get you to where you want to go.

Driving Bans and Penalties in the UK

Category : Driving Safely

Here in the UK, there is a strict system for handling poor driving!  We have a system of penalty points which are applied to your licence for different breaches of the rules, such as speeding, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, dangerous driving and more.

If a person’s points tally up to more than 12 in 3 years, you can end up being banned from driving.  The ban can last from 6 months to 2 years, depending on the severity of the offence(s).  If you reach the 12 point mark, you will be called to court through a summons in the post.

When you receive a driving ban, should it be for longer than 56 days, you could be required to reapply for your license, or even retake your driving test!

Driving into The Sun…How To Manage Vision

Driving on a delightful radiant day can give staggering landscape, yet it can likewise make a peril if the driver’s view is traded off by a glaring sun.Soon after dawn and before nightfall the sun can sparkle specifically at drivers, leaving numerous drivers driving with a glare. This glare can make it substantially harder to see the street ahead and potential dangers making an additional hazard to drivers. At the point when sun glare is an issue back off and utilize additional alert particularly while driving through school zones.So how might you secure yourself? Here we offer these tips for drivers when crashing into the sun:

  1. Put resources into spellbound shades – they can help decrease glare.
  2. Use your sun visor – it can shut out the sun.
  3. Leave all the more after room – when the sun is in your eyes it can be difficult to perceive what the auto ahead is doing. This is once again when it pays to leave more space amongst you and the following vehicle.
  4. Drive with your headlights on to build your perceivability to different drivers

Extra tips:

  1. Keep your windshield perfect, all around
  2. Check your windshield for setting and breaks
  3. Abstain from putting away papers or different things on the dashboard
  4. In the event that having a troublesome time seeing the street, utilize path markings to help control you.
  5. Once in a while will perceivability be completely flawless while driving, yet in the event that drivers know this and make the correct changes, you can limit any extra dangers that accompany not as much as ideal visual conditions.

When you want your car to look its best, hiring a professional for cleaning and detail work can make a huge difference.  AJ Detailing is known for its excellent car detailing Bristol, offering a range of professional auto services to keep your vehicle looking amazing.

Car Leasing

Leasing a car privately is often cheaper than buying a new car, even when you buy a second-hand car. And yes, a car leasing specialist wants to make a profit too. But as long as it saves you money and hassle, a private lease is a great way to drive a brand new car without using up your savings or taking out a big loan.

Lorry Driving Safety

Safety is an important part of being a lorry driver, with many hours spent on the road each day and night. There are legal limits in the UK for driving hours, meaning that all lorry and haulage drivers must take a set period of break time during their drive. The easiest way to monitor and keep track of driving hours is by using a tachograph.  Digital tachos are the most modern form of analysis software for lorry drivers and their parent companies.

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